FIVE over FOUR and a DOOR – Defining Features of the Georgian Colonial Home


Five over four and a door – no, this is not a cheerleader’s call.  Rather, these are some of the defining features of the Georgian Colonial home.  Whether simple or embellished, symmetry, balance, and proportion are the guiding principles of the Georgian center hall colonial.  Other features include a roof line that is either hipped or side-gabled bordered with a minimal overhang.  There is either a single central chimney or one at each end of the house. The decorative front door is always under the second story middle window.

Grander homes have additional windows on each end, graduated fenestration and multi-paned double hung windows. Modest homes are truncated featuring the three over two and a door. Gone are the multi-paned windows in favor of simple double hung windows. Whether large or small, these center hall colonials maintain the principles of symmetry, balance, and proportion that define the features so essential to the Georgian Colonial home.