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“Yolanda Gorman is a reliable broker who dedicates her time to her clients. Her expertise in the field of home selling, buying, and renting are second-to-none. She is making my house hunting experience a breeze. She listens to my needs and works around my schedule to view homes. Yolanda Gorman is definitely a broker that “you can trust” “Thank You, Yolanda for all of your patience with my home search” Sandra

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Yolanda Gorman is the most amazing real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She truly cares for her clients and anticipates their needs. For me, I was able to call her whenever & about whatever. She was with me through all of my tears & happiness. Even if I was growing inpatient she was able to calm my nerves & help me focus on my search. She was with me through my whole process. She was able to put up with my stubbornness & whenever I got frustrated, she was always there to make me laugh & cheer me up. I had a wonderful connection with Yolanda & highly recommend Yolanda to anyone who is looking for an agent who actually cares & respects their clients, who is willing to constantly work effortlessly to make sure what they want is what she will deliver. I put all my trust in her, she would only show replaces she knew were the right fit for me, she knew what I was looking for without me even telling her, she is that good! Even walking through different places she would point out where to put certain furniture so that the whole space would flow. Her cheerful spirit is what kept me hopeful through my whole process. I can not thank her enough for what she has done for me and all of her time & effort she invested into helping was unbelievable. I know for sure in the future when the time comes again to look for a new place she will be the one I call!

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Boy! This review is overdue by a long shot! Yolanda, please forgive me. I met Yolanda around May or June 2014. At that time, I had almost given up my home search activities because I worked with other realtors who really didn’t get it. They put their own interests (making the sell) before my needs and means. That, and the fact that I was aware of all the headaches of buying a house for the first time, turned me off and decided to stop searching. It was then when one day I accidentally saw a reasonably priced little house in a good neighborhood. I called the agency and she answered my call. Over the phone she sounded like a nice person but when my wife and I met her in person, we were convinced. She was a very likable person who really listened. She showed us compassion, respect and most importantly; she worked with us considering our economic means. Being a first time buyer can be extremely overwhelming, however, she made it easier for us by going the extra mile walking us over the process not once but many times until we finally grasped it. She even volunteered contact information of different persons in charge of other aspects of the deal so they can give us a view of the small and the big picture of buying a house. To make the long story short; the story had a happy ending. We got the house in September 2014 and moved in in November. If you are a first time buyer or a seasoned one, go with her. You will not regret it. I highly recommend her.

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